Next android version, Lollypop?

Google IO is just few hours away and there are number of new technologies that are being anticipated. This year Google has a huge set of new technologies to display at the biggest Google Developer event. This year has been a year of wearable technologies, robots, and plenty of smart technologies. Hopes are that , Google will let us see the latest version of the most widely used mobile operating system. 

Amidst many rumors regarding new android hardware, new nexus is being highly anticipated to be shown off at IO. Although google doesn’t usually release new android versions at IO, they might unveil the new Android version probably 4.5 or 5.0 tonight and actual  release could be in later quarter of the year. After Kitkat the upcoming  ‘L’ release could be codenamed Lollypop. Considering the trend of naming the android versions after the name of desserts Lollypop sounds perfect name for the next release but you never know until the last hour. The name KitKat was also announced at the 11th hour surprising everyone when rumors were for the name ‘Key Lime Pie’. 


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