Running Android Apps on Chrome Browser

Android is one of the top mobile operating systems. With over 1.5 million android apps, android devices are so popular that we have apps for almost everything. 

Don’t you think it would be a great to have android apps running on your computer? 
Yes, you are right. We can run android apps on computers. There are various ways of running android apps on computer but Android Runtime for Chrome allows you to run android apps on computers on Chrome .

Android Runtime for Chrome, also called ARC, allows you to run Android apps inside chrome. ARC has been a major development in the process of bringing android apps to Chrome OS. You can use Arc with Chrome on Windows, OS X  or Linux.

Installing ARC Welder

After you download ARC Welder app it will appear on your Chrome App Launcher.

Click on it and add APK file. I used Loadshedding+ apk file. We can not download apk files directly to computer form play store but we can get apk files from various sources. For example, you can use websites like for downloading apk files. 

Once you have downloaded added the file you can select Orientation and form factor. Then click Test.

The App opens and you can enjoy your favorite android apps on Chrome. Then the app is also pinned on Chrome app launcher so that you can launch the app clicking the app icon later.

Now download your favorite app and run on Chrome browser. 

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