Windows 10 because 7 ‘ate’ 9

Today Microsoft introduced new version of Windows and surprisingly named it Windows 10. After windows 7 and windows 8 there were rumors for windows 9 but Microsoft skipped the “9” and unveiled the next version as “Windows 10”. Windows 10 appears to be more closer to windows 7 with more windows-like user experience.  Microsoft finally does away with the Metro UI from the desktop keeping it as optional feature as it caused annoyance among the classical windows users familiar with the the original windows interface. With introduction of Metro UI in windows 8, Microsoft tried to keep the same user interface across all devices however this time Windows wants to keep the desktop and tablet user experience separate

The complaints about start menu made Microsoft ship Windows 8.1 last year with start menu but there were still many disappointments regarding the productivity issues due to the tiles-based home. This issue seems to have been addressed with Start menu along with resizable tiles attached with start menu this time.

Windows beta releases will be available from tomorrow through
Windows Insider Program. The early versions are said to be available for tablets and Desktops and later the same Windows 10 will be available for broad range of devices including handsets with customized user interface. With the slogan of “One product family. One platform. One store.” , Microsoft seems to be making single platform concept as adopted by Google and Apple.

Windows 10 appears to be the combination of both desktop and tablet like user interfaces making classical windows users make feel at home once again. Skipping number 9 alone will however keep 'Windows 8 nightmare' far away,  the familiar user interface will definitely make millions of windows 7 users happy to upgrade to windows 10


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