Google gets into Domain Business.

Google announced the domain service as closed beta currently available on invite-only basis. Google Domains, Google’s new domain registration service appears quite promising in terms of the services it offers. 

The domain services currently offered by Google are:
- Buying and selling domains
- Free who-is privacy for the domains
- Free email addresses on the domain(upto 100)
- Phone support

However Google Domains service will not include hosting service. For hosting Google will partner with third party hosting providers. So far google seems to have partnered with SquarespaceShopify Weebly  and Wix  for hosting.

Google entering the domain business is definitely going to change the current domain business scenario as Google will be providing the services which current domain business giants don’t offer. Google will be providing domain privacy service free of cost while other registrants charge extra fee for who-is privacy. According to the statements in Google Domains home page, Google seems to be providing all the top level domains and plans to include all new fancy domain name endings such as .photos, .gallery .camera . etc. 

Having robust set of development tools already popular among the developer community will also be an advantage for competing with the existing Service providers. Google has been providing various platforms and libraries for web development. Services like App engine help developers make use of Google cloud services for scalable web app development. The developer community using such services are likely to use Google’s domain services for convenience. Control over Google search results, sophisticated
 optimization tools and best analytics tools from the same company could be benefits for most of the developers.


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