Samsung acquires Printer On

Samsung announced on Wednesday about the purchase of mobile cloud computing printing company Printer On. This has been done to further increase their mobile cloud services to the business to business market. The financial things and other terms of the company were not disclosed by Samsung. Printer On is Ontario based company and will work as an independent and wholly owned subordinate of Samsung Electronics Canada. Printer On Company mainly focused on three main verticals markets which include enterprise, education and public printing. The Company Printer On uses cloud technology which let printers to print documents from any tablet, smartphone or laptop to any Printer On enabled printer, regardless of the location or network.
One can also email documents from their smartphones or tablets or laptops and Printer On extracts the document in the cloud. After that they will securely delivers it to Printer On enabled printer of their choice, where the document can be printed after one enters secure release code. Printer On Company also provides private cloud services on site for customers who require mobile printing but doesn’t want to leave the secure network. This achievement of Printer On will enhance Samsung’s leadership in standardization of mobile printing and also helps them to strengthen their presence in the market.


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