NVidia Sues Samsung and Qualcomm

NVidia has sued their rival chipmakers Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics and accused both the companies of invading the company’s patent on graphics processing technology.  The U.S chipmaker company competes with the Qualcomm in the business of providing chips to smartphones and tablets. It is revealed  that Qualcomm and Samsung has been using NVidia patented technologies without a license in Samsung’s various mobile devices including their new smartphone Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Edge.   NVidia said that Samsung Company is making devices with graphics technology from Qualcomm, Britain’s ARM holding that are infringed on its patents. NVidia Chief Executive Jen Hsun Huang said on a conference call that the Samsung Company is using their technology for free in their devices today and they are now selling numerous smartphones around the world. Samsung Company on this remark told in a statement that they will take all the necessary actions against NVIDIA’s claims. NVidia Company is asking the US International Trade Commission to prevent shipments of Samsung devices which contains ARM’s Mali or Qualcomm’s graphics technology. NVidia is a famous name in leading graphics technology for high end computers but has struggled a lot to expand into smartphones. The company before taking legal action against Samsung discussed its patents with Samsung for couple of years. 


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