Apple’s Share Value decreases

Apple stock price took a four percent dive on Wednesday and their downward movement continues as a bad news which comes before the release of the iPhone 6.  The Apple’s stock dropped from $103 to 98$ today.  Apple would be launching their new smartphone on September 9th 2014 but the Samsung launched their smartphone which includes many new features like flexible display.  This could be the reason for Apple’s stock market slash down. Apple Company has not released the details of the new smartphone which may include new wearable technology.  The nude celebrity photo leak incident which happened can be one of the reasons which cloud have affected the stock market.  But the company has declared that this incident in which a hacker broke the iPhone accounts for various celebrities did not happened due to a flaw in the iCloud. The company is mainly focused on their new feature iCloud, which is an internet based storage system that helps users to access their data and other things from any device rather than their location.  Security is a most important point for the entire tech world.  Apple’s security systems earlier which were quite robust will be under deep inspection.


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