Nokia’s Free map application for iOS and Android devices

Nokia is likely to challenge Apple and Google by introducing its own free map application for android and iOS operating systems.  Nokia will launch this application before the end of this year. The important point in Nokia’s app is that they don’t require any internet connection for generating of directions during driving.  The application will be for individual customers rather than Nokia’s usual business customers.  Nokia already introduced a map application known as Here Maps which is only available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone.  The application also supported iPhone and iPad but Nokia pulled back the application last year due to some issues with iOS 7. Currently Apple and Google are ruling the market with their application in both iOS and Android. The objective of Nokia is to hit the market with their rival app and introduce supporting features which are not offered by Apple or Google like offline use. Nokia’s application will help users to download maps and search directions in offline mode, with the help of satellites. This navigation through satellites doesn’t require any internet connection to work. Users of Google Maps have to trigger an offline mode to use the downloaded maps, but the application is not designed to use in offline mode.

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