Moto 360: Android Wear smartwatch

The champion of the Android wear, the gleaming smartwatch from Motorola is available in market for 250$. The Moto 360 holds the distinction of being the world’s first circular android timepiece is available in the US market now.  The smartwatch will be available in UK from October for a price of £199 and will be available in the other parts of the world later this year. Despite the end of summer launch window, the Moto curved styling’s were enough to dominate the first pair of Android Wear watches rather than  the squared off, uninspired  and cheap looking LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. Moto 360 looks premium and everything about the watch looks clean and well made. The smart watch has a polished steel, thin watchband that folds underneath and has beautiful specially designed software watch faces.  The Moto 360 has some of the few hardware features that make it different. The smartwatch has inductive charging which works without any dongle. There is also an optical heart rate monitor on the backside of watch like Samsung’s watches. Motorola’s watch is differently designed and has a different software, the watch has beautiful round dial which not only shows your heart rate but also shows your activity intensity which is being  estimated by heart rate.


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