Emotion Detection for google glass

A researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute of Germany has created detection application which is world’s first real time emotion app for Google Glass. The application can correctly detect age and gender. All of the analysis is carried on board without being the use of cloud. The raw data also does not leave the device.  This real time emotion detection can be of great use for the persons with disorders such as autism who often find difficulty in interpreting facial expressions. This could also be helpful for other people who struggle a lot to determine their partner’s true emotions when they said that ‘they are fine’. This Google Glass application is being based on SHORE i.e. Sophisticated High Speed Object Recognition Engine system. SHORE started off as an object detection computer vision system but from last many years it has developed into face detection and fine analysis system. The application can pick out person’s face with 91.5 % success rate and let you know the gender of the person 94.3% time.  It can also provide the age of the person.  Earlier SHORE was essentially a highly optimized C++ library that has been developed on various computer systems from PC’s to tablets. But now IIS has used all facial analysis goodness onto Google’s Glass rather than the hardware. This application is a taste of the future of wearable’s computers.


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