Europe Regulators not satisfied with Google Inc Android Market

Recent reports indicate that the antitrust regulators of Europe can launch an investigation into Google's business related to the android market. According to the latest reports, the European commission has already started sending questionnaires to different companies regarding their dealing with Google over the usage of popular android software in the market. These questions will examine whether the Google Company is guilty or not for dominating the market by illegally spreading the usage of its various services to their rivals. In one of the questionnaires it was asked, whether Google Inc has set any pre-requirement either in written or unwritten format that it cannot preinstall the various products and services on mobile devices that compete with the Google company software. These results will further highlight the concern of Europe over the increasing influence of Google on various matters. This is the second major investigation by Europe Regulations into Google’s business practice. Earlier investigation was focused on the matter that whether the company is giving undue prominence to its own services in search engine results and the result of this investigation is still pending. Android is a very strong platform with almost  80 percent of the smartphones which are shipped in worldwide mostly uses the Google's android operating system which is quite high if compared with the Apple's Operating System which is used only 17%.


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