Samsung asks iPhone users to stop hugging the wall

Samsungs new S5 commercial shows iPhone is making people stick to the wall. In the commercial they show people stuck to the wall connecting their phones to the charger all the time.The commercial with slogan 'Next Big thing is here'
refers to the quick draining batteries in iPhones. According to the commercial due to quick discharge of the batteries iPhone users need to hug the wall most of the time thus reducing the social interactions. Being clustered around the power outlets have been a major problem for most of the smartphone users. Poor batteries in smartphones have always been a problem for the users who want to play games or watch movies.
There has been a neck-to-neck cometition between two mobile industry giants for bringing their products on top. It's well known fact that both the companies come up with flagships with best feature to the users. Such competition among big companies have always paved a path for newer technologies to emerge.


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