Android M, What’s new?

Google announced Android M at Google IO 2015 in San Fransisco. Dave Burke, vice president of engineering at Google, outlined the features of Android M which will add more stability and usability.
App Permissions 
App permissions have been simplified in Android M. You won’t have to agree to the permissions when we install an app. The permissions will now be requested first time you try to use the feature. Permissions can be reviewed later and changed anytime.
Chrome Custom Tabs
Web experience has been enhanced by the new feature called Chrome Custom Tabs. This feature will allow developers to provide full chrome experience in an app. Chrome Custom Tabs will allow a customized Chrome tab on top of any app, instead of launching browser app for opening web pages.
Fingerprint support 
Fingerprint support is now “standardized” in Android M. Since fingerprint support will be available through Android framework, If the device has fingerprint hardware, it is no longer limited to unlocking to phone only.
Android Pay 
Android pay makes mobile payments much easier. It can be used for payment in more than 700,000 stores in US and is supported by American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
App Links 
App Links is one of the highly desired feature in Android. You might have noticed ‘Open With’ dialog when the system doesn’t know which app to use for the given link. Now developer can specify the apps that should open the link.
Power & Charging 
Google claims the new feature known as Doze will improve the standby time by reducing the background processes. And support for USB Type-C will allow charging one android device with another.
Besides these major features various other improvements have been added to Android M such as Auto Backup and restore for apps, New app drawer with a list of apps with alphabetical indexing. Enhanced Google Now and and Chrome will also make android better than before.
Android M Developer is available for download and the final version is due to launch in Q3, 2015.


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