Apple’s new launch : iOS 8 available from September 9th

iOS 8 is the major release of iOS operating system being designed by Apple Inc. iOS 8 is rumored to be available from next week with the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 6.  As the company has hosted a special event for the release of their new phone, there are lots of expectations to see a brand new operating system from Apple iOS 8. iOS 8 seems to be company’s biggest release till now .

It has lot of interesting features in which App Extensions is the most exciting feature of this new operating system. This will give users the ability to integrate deeper into the operating system with advanced notifications.

Also Marketing in iOS 8 app store will get better.  Apple has made some upgrades like infinite scrolling, trending applications and deeper look into the applications which will increase the app visibility inside the app store. Company also added some new capabilities in iOS 8which give users more control and create a better experience for them. Touch Id that has been added which gives its users a way to eliminate the passwords and make their experience more seamless.

Camera API is features which help users to bring camera functionality directly into app rather than transferring pictures. Another feature Photo kit helps users to edit pictures directly in photo apps. One can also identify the burst pics, panoramic pics and high definition videos.

Health Kit is a new app which is combination of various health care and fitness apps. The different apps can communicate with one another and data of these apps can be shared with your physician app such as Mayo clinic.

Home Kit another feature which enables the connected devices to work in a single framework. Cloud Kit is the much awaited feature where users can store and manages their data in cloud storage free of cost. Cloud kit allows its users to securely store and retrieve app data from iCloud.  Along with this, there are many new features that everyone will get to know once it is released next week.


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