Anonymous surfing with Freedome App

European Company F-Secure launched a new application in the market known as Freedome for both Android and iOS platforms.  This useful application will help users to browse Internet more securely and anonymously. This VPN application is packed with powerful security features and users can access all these by just one single click.  In this world, where all the companies keep tracks of all your records and hackers can easily steal your data. This application help you to connect to the internet through company’s F-Secure Cloud or one can choose an option to hide their IP address by selecting some other country as your virtual private location.
The application helps users to stop gathering their personal data on any advertisement site. Some other features of application this is to block different apps and sites that are harmful. This application also ensures that no logs of your browsing history would be created while surfing the internet. The app is very easy to use   and has a user friendly interface that makes it a top rated application in the market these days. But the important thing of this app is that it is not available free in the android market. One can only get a trial version of the application which is valid for only a week. After that, users have to pick up the subscriptions which are available, with monthly as well as yearly rates.


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