Samsung’s launches new 4g-capable SoC

Samsung Company recently broadcasted about a new System on chip (SoC) Exynos ModAP which includes a built in 4G technology. The chip has a quad core processor which is being built on 28nm HKMG process. The new chip which is just introduced will allow the Samsung Company to become less reliable on Qualcomm, which was the only company who include LTE on chips. The LTE capable models of the Samsung Company are mainly driven by Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.

Companies reported that the new chips which are being introduced i.e. Exynos AP can support 4G LTE release 9 of 3GPP and both includes duplex modes FDD and TDD as well as  2G and 3G interfaced of mobile. On the other hand, Qualcomm just introduced a Snapdragon 805 chips that supports Cat 6 LTE which can give speed upto 300Mbps. Samsung Company also told that the new SoC Exynos can work will powered devices with great resolution of camera and is capable of recording videos in very fine quality. The chip can also be used to play back graphics in higher quality and format with its new feature i.e. Image Signal processing capability which has speed up to 8MP.


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