Understanding Android Studio Project

We created android studio project in Getting Started tutorial . In this section we will have a look at anatomy of Android Studio project. 

Android Studio Project

If you have been following the previous tutorial you can see several folders in the project section of android studio. We will discuss about these folders in this section.

   This picture shows our Android project here we can see following folders,

1) manifest : This folder contains the AndroidManifest file.

2) java : This folder will be the place for all the java code we write. Java code will be placed written under different packages as per the java coding conventions.

3)  res : This is were we keep all the resources required for the project. The resources may include images, xml layout files,  menu resources, dimension declarations, animation files etc.

4) gradle : this folder will include all the gradle scripts. We will learn more about gradle in this tutorial (Building android apps with Gradle).

Let's move to our next tutorial, Layouts in Android.


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